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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Makanan untuk bayi 8 bulan ke atas

Untuk Sophea aku masih bagi bubur nasi blend...
sebab dia tak de gigi lagi...
kadang2 aku lenyek2 kan je bubur nasi tu bagi ade texture sikit untuk die gigit2
walaupun tak ada gigi tapi anak solehah aku tu kuat menggigit...
xde gigi kan kalau die gigit kita jerit sebab geli
esok-esok kalau dah ada gigi dia menggigit ko rasakan jeritan ala-ala mak tiri...

bosssss....order bos...rottey canai satu...ammmakkk

berbalik pada topik asal kite..
untuk rujukan mummy2 kat luar sane jugak
boleh baca bawah ni k

berries2 dah boleh bagi..iols takut nak bagi...
pork xboley okey..haremmmmmm
aku tak berani lagi bagi sophea makan telur


At this stage, your little one may also start to Refuse to be Spoon Fed.

Bring on some spices (8 months old)

and softly mashed, or chopped into fine pieces, fruits, vegetables, meats, pasta and dairy such as yogurt and cheeses.
Pasta, veggies, and fruit should all be soft cooked and possibly mashed with a fork or masher. (Bananas need only be mashed.)
Meats and proteins such as egg yolk, should be cooked and pureed or chopped into small soft bits.  If offering Tofu, you need not cook it first. 
Remember, your baby will not have molars until sometime around the 12-18 month age range so all foods should be easily mashed between the gums.

How much will your 8 month - 10 month old baby eat?

Your 8 to 10 month old baby may seem to be starving herself at some point. Because you are likely offering her more finger food selections or thicker/chunkier foods, the amount of food eaten appears smaller.
At this stage, your baby may be eating 3 "meals" a day and possibly enjoying a snack or 2 in between.
There are some babies in this age range who will still be eating only 1 "meal" of solids so don't feel pressured to have your baby eat 3 solid food meals per day. The important thing is to watch your baby's hunger cues and and try to begin setting a schedule for 3 meals a day. Offer him a balanced array of foods - fruits, veggies, a protein & a grain if possible and ensure his nursing or formula feedings are adequate.
Visit the Baby Menu to see an idea of some meals for this age range.

What to Eat at 8 to 10 Months of Age?

AGE/STAGE - 8 months - 10 months old
The AAP recommends that an infant not be started on solid foods until after 6 months of age. Many pediatricians still start babies on solids around 4 months of age.  This chart accommodates all ages and stages up to 12 months.

Try mixing together the grains that your baby has had without any reaction(s). Begin offering breads and muffins when baby has mastered mashing more textured foods. Pasta makes for great finger foods.

Begin making your own fruit combinations once baby has had several fruits without any reaction(s). Venture into Papaya and Melon Swirl. After 8 months old – you may wish to try offering raw ripe fruits. Soft cooked fruits make for great beginner Baby Finger Foods.

Soft cooked veggies make for great beginner Baby Finger Foods. Try mixing up a veggie medley now.  Add some grated cheese for extra temptation & yumminess. Saute or roast some onions or peppers to add to baby's food or serve as finger foods. Make a Leek and Chicken Potato Mash.

Once your baby has reached 8 months old, try an Egg Yolk Omelet – the perfect chance to slip in some veggies.

Get adventurous with Cheeses and Yogurts now. Soft Cheeses such as Brie pose health risks so hold off on those. Avocado mashed with a bit of cream cheese – YUM. 


MizzTina said...

waaaa...dh blh mkn byk ni..

shaFazie said...

bestnya bila tengok anak dh start makan..

chomeynya sophea,lagi2 tang pipi itu

NM03 said...

kiutnya kamu!!!

cik mah said...

Gerammnyer..comel sngt...azwa dah ada gigi pun cik mah still blend xhalus sngt dah...

merahitujambu said...

anak dh mula mkn ni memang mencari nk mkn apa nk mask apa tuk anak kan

Hafizin Jamil said...

besar dah sophea ni.. happy family kak. :)

Norma NML said...

comelnya sophea :)


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