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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Standard Chatered Bank Malaysia

Introducing JustOne Current Account and JustOne Savings Account for all your transaction and savings needs. Best of all, the amazing benefits are yours to enjoy for free when you fulfill all requirements.
Deposit a minimum of RM1,500 in a single transaction into JustOne Current Account every month (new funds).
 JustOne Current Account 

Fulfill the monthly deposit requirement to enjoy:
Unlimited Free Withdrawals from MEPS and HOUSe ATMs
Free Interbank GIRO Fund Transfers via Standard Chartered Online Banking and ATMs in Malaysia.
Free Debit Card.
Optional Cheque Book.
Monthly eStatements will be provided 
 JustOne Savings Account 

No minimum deposit to open
Enjoy high base interest of 1% p.a. for any balance amount .
Fulfill the monthly requirement of depositing RM1,500 into the JustOne Current Account to get additional bonus interest of 1% p.a. on any balance amount in this savings account, on top of the base interest
Monthly eStatements will be provided
Additional security: Access only via secured Online Banking and in person over the counter
Online & Mobile Banking
•  Pay bills to over 600 online billing organisations nationwide for FREE.
•  Award winning easy-to-use online and mobile banking service – Breeze.

Now available on iPhone and Android
Example of how you can save and enjoy higher returns with JustOne Current Account and JustOne Savings Account
Mr. A has a regular savings account with Bank A. In a month, he performed 5 withdrawals via ATM of which 3 transactions were via MEPS and 2 transactions via HOUSe network. Mr. A also performed 4 Interbank GIRO (IBG) fund transfers to pay his mortgage and loans in other banks.
On the other hand, Mr. B opened a JustOne Current Account and JustOne Savings Account with Standard Chartered Bank and also performed the same transactions as Mr. A.
Scenario 1 below clearly shows that once Mr. B fulfills the monthly deposit requirements, he gets more benefits when he transacts and saves with JustOne Current Account and JustOne Savings Account compared to a normal account. Besides earning higher interest, Mr. B does not have to pay any fees on withdrawals and fund transfers.
Greater convenience, value and returns with JustOneCurrent
Account and JustOne Savings Account
Scenario 1
JustOne Current Account and JustOne Savings Account are eligible for protection by PIDM.

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