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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Great Eastern ...You're Always Covered

Sapa yang tak tahu pasal insurans kan???? semua orang pun tahu kepentingan dia....
ke ada orang lagi yang tak tahu????
aku pernah baca dalam blog la... aku tertarik dengan ayat ni....

Bile kite beli insurans ibarat kita beli tayar spare untuk kereta...
kita tak tahu bile tayar kereta kita akan bocor, dan mana tahu tiba-tiba tayar kereta bocor....
so waktu tu pulak tak de duit.... pada orang yang ada tayar spare selamat la... tapi kalau yang tak ade???
mana die  nak cekau duit dalam keadaan terdesak tu????sapa nak bantu???
macam tu la jugak dengan diri kita ni kan???? kalau tiba-tiba kita sakit? duit tak ada... nak wat macam mane??? eh sekarang semua guna duit tau... so disinilah kepentingan insurans ni...
korang jangan bongkak cakap aku tak perlukan insurans.... ambooooi ko... mcm ko tau bila perkara malang nak berlaku....

cakap berapi-api macam ni tetiba rasa bersalah pulak kan..sebab aku pun belum ada insurans...hihihi...tapi dalam proses mempertimbangkan la....nak tau mana satu yang terbaik.....jugak aku bukan nak jual insurans ...
sebelum tu meh baca pasal Great Eastern ni aku ambil sikit aje dari web die..kalau korang nak tahu lebih lanjut klik GREAT EASTERN
Short on commitment, big on rewards

Now you can enjoy the substantial savings growth you seek to achieve your high expectations in life. Great Cash Wonder is an endowment plan specially designed for movers and shakers who want to see their savings swell in the long term without the commitment of a prolonged premium payment term.
Extra Income for every year
From the end of the very first policy year, the plan pays you an annual guaranteed survival benefit in addition to the basic sum assured. Best of all, you can receive up to 145% of the basic sum assured depending on the policy term chosen. The survival benefit rates are as follows:
Policy YearSurvival Benefit (as percentage of basic sum assured)
20 year25 year
1 - 55%5%
6 - Maturity6%6%

Cash Bonus
Great Cash Wonder also offers a further avenue to grow savings with a yearly non-guaranteed cash bonus from the end of the first policy year.

Short on commitment, long-term savings
With Great Cash Wonder, you only pay premiums for a short period and see your money accumulate well to fulfil your needs in life. Pick and choose your own policy term which best assists you to enhance your financial security.
Policy YearPremium Payment Term
5 years10 years
20 years
25 years 

Up to 150% basic sum assured for more financial security
From the second policy year onwards, your sum assured will grow with Great Cash Wonder as shown in the table below, up to 150% at no extra cost.
Policy YearAdditional sum assured (% of basic sum assured)
6 until maturity50%

Others benefits include:

  • Accidental death benefit

  • Maturity benefit

  • Tax benefit

  • Note: Terms and conditions apply.
    Enjoy recurring income without prolonged premium payments

    Now you can enjoy long-term financial security and protection with limited payment period with Great Income Plus. This endowment plan offers you a flow of income with added protection for your loved ones.
    This means that you only need to pay for your policy over a limited period of time, but you will enjoy the benefits of the policy for the entire policy duration.

    Pay short term for long-term benefits
    With Great Income Plus, you only need to pay premiums for 10 years, yet you will receive protection up to the age of 70 years next birthday. That's not all; you will also receive the survival benefit that is payable yearly starting from the end of the 10th policy year until maturity. So what you get is recurring income without the commitment of a prolonged premium payment term.

    Get 4% of your basic sum assured every year to spend on yourself or loved ones
    Starting from the end of the 10th policy year, the Company will pay you the survival benefit of 4% of the basic sum assured each year until death, TPD, surrender, maturity or termination of the policy, whichever occurs first.

    Yearly cash bonuses
    On top of the survival benefits, you will also receive non-guaranteed yearly cash bonuses, which you can choose to spend now or use to generate a bigger payout in the future.

    Your policy value increases with additional sum
    Starting from 2nd policy year onwards or should an unexpected event happen, you will receive an additional payout based on a percentage of the basic sum assured as show in the table below:
    Policy YearAdditional Sum Assured ( % of Basic Sum Assured)
    6 until maturity50%

    For example, if your policy coverage is RM500,000 and death occurs in policy year 2, your nominee will receive an additional RM50,000 on top of the RM500,000 that you were insured for.

    Protect your loved ones with accidental death benefit
    Should accidental death occur before the age of 65 years next birthday, your loved ones will receive an additional 100% of the total of the basic sum assured and any applicable additional sum assured. They will be able to use this extra pool of funds to carry on with their lives.

    Others benefits include:

  • Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit

  • Enhance your policy with additional riders

  • Maturity benefit

  • Tax benefit

  • Note: Terms and conditions apply.
    Affordable protection with guaranteed refund of premiums

    Whether you have just begun work, started a young family or a new business, it is important that you and your loved ones are adequately protected against life's uncertainties and risks. And when you are starting out, you want a simple insurance plan  that  offers  flexibility  and  options  to
    select the type of coverage and amount of protection you need.

    Presenting Great Prime Protect, a term insurance plan designed specially to provide you with affordable life insurance coverage from as low as RM1.12* a day.

     * The above amount is used for illustrative purposes only and is based on a male, non-smoker, aged 20 years next birthday, 25-year term and RM50,000 sum assured.

    Great Prime Protect offers you the flexibility to meet your changing needs and many other value-added benefits, allowing you to enjoy life protection while you focus on realising your goals and aspirations in life.

    Guaranteed 100% premium refund
    The plan guarantees that 100% of the total annual basic premiums (excluding basic extra premium) paid-to-date will be refunded upon maturity. It is a unique benefit that gives the protection you need during the policy term and all your money back when you reach the end of the coverage period.

    Premium waiver for critical illness
    If you should be diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses covered (except for Angioplasty And Other Invasive Treatments For Major Coronary Artery Disease), all future basic premiums (excluding basic extra premium) corresponding to basic sum assured will be waived starting from the policy anniversary date following the occurrence of the critical illness. In addition, all the basic premiums paid including the basic premiums waived (excluding basic extra oremium), will also be refunded at its maturity. With this premium waiver, you will have added assurance against the unexpected.

    Guaranteed premiums for better financial certainty
    For the same coverage, your insurance premiums are guaranteed to remain the same throughout the duration of the policy, making it easier for you to budget for your protection needs.

    Plan conversion flexibility to meet changing needs
    Great Prime Protect provides a conversion option privilege that allows you to convert the plan to a permanent whole life or endowment policy before the end of the term. This flexibility enables your protection to keep pace with your changing needs and goals at different life stages.

    Flexible policy terms You can select from a wide choice of policy term - 15, 20 and 25 years, to suit your lifestyle and needs.

    Other benefits include:

  • Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit

  • Enhanced protection with riders

  • Tax benefit

  • Note: Terms and conditions apply.
    A flexible savings plan with greater potential returns

    You have goals in life and you know when you want them to become a reality - whether it is sending your child to college or building your nest egg for a comfortable retirement. Whatever life stage you are at, Great Cash Gain is a flexible endowment plan that offers you an alternative way to save  up  for  your  future - while  giving you
    the additional benefit of protection against life's uncertainties.

    Great Cash Gain not only allows you to choose your policy period, but also how long you pay premiums. With it, you can save up for tomorrow's dreams while enjoying the life you want today, knowing you are protected.

    Choose your own payment and policy terms
    Great Cash Gain offers the flexibility to meet your unique needs and fulfil your goals in life. It allows you to balance your savings objective for tomorrow's dreams with your current financial and protection needs. Take your pick of the following premium payment terms and policy terms which best suits you:

    Premium Payment TermPolicy Term
    15 Years20 Or 25 Years
    20 Years

    Be protected against life's uncertainties
    You are not only saving for a brighter tomorrow, but also ensuring you can enjoy each day with peace of mind. In the event of death or TPD, your loved ones will receive the basic sum assured, additional sum assured (if any), accumulated survival benefits (if any), cash bonus (including any accumulated cash bonus), if any, and terminal bonus (if any), in accordance with the provisions of the policy. This will go a long way towards ensuring they have the financial means needed to support your own and your family's needs.

    Additional sum assured to secure your finances
    Upon the maturity of the policy or should an unexpected event happen to you such as death or TPD, this plan will pay out an additional sum assured based on a percentage of the basic sum assured as shown in the table below:
    Policy YearAdditional Sum Assured
    (% Of The Basic Sum Assured)
    20-Year Policy Term25-Year Policy Term
    1 - 5--

    Save up more with survival benefit
    During the last 5 policy years of your chosen policy term, you may receive a percentage of the basic sum assured yearly to boost your savings. You have the option to spend it on yourself or your loved ones, or leave it with the Company to generate a bigger payout at the maturity of the plan.

    The survival benefit rates are as follows:

    Policy YearAdditional Sum Assured
    (% Of The Basic Sum Assured)
    20-Year Policy Term25-Year Policy Term
    1 - 15--

    Others benefits include:
  • Death benefit

  • Accidental death benefit

  • Non-guaranteed cash bonuses

  • Enhanced protection with optional riders

  • Maturity benefit

  • Tax benefit

  • Note: Terms and conditions apply.


    Taufiq Arifin a.k.a. Topimagine said...

    insurans ibarat backup mase depan :)

    ashra said...

    memang bgs kalu ada insurans wpun satu kan.tuk masa dpn gak,mudahan kita dan ank2 di covered dgn kewangan yg cukup

    Unknown said...

    malas nak amek insuran, dapatnya kemain susah..fedup

    Anonymous said...

    bgus ambil insurans nih..kita x tau apa akn jd masa dpn.

    Anonymous said...

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